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Techno-Fandom Wiki!

This is a work-in-progress Wiki for the TF crowd to experiment with and learn about. Feel free to make changes, update pages, add content as much as you'd like.

Some content we're implementing:
  • ColorCodes - The coding system used for identifying equipment, tools, and cabling.
  • EventSchedule - What events TF is involved in, and where to get information on them, and when they're happening.
  • SuggestedTopics - Things that ought to have pages written about them.
  • CallingAMasquerade - How to call a Masquerade.
  • SoundTopics - Things relating to sound.
  • LightTopics - Things relating to lighting.
  • VideoTopics - Things related to video production, presentation, and distribution.
  • Care and feeding of Marley dance flooring.
  • Suppliers - Places to get stuff that we use at events.
  • MailingList - Info about the tf mailing list
  • Wireless Mic Channels - List all frequencies used by wireless mics owned by tf'ers.
  • HostingOverview2007 - Mail sent to the Arisia Corporate list that has a long detailed overview of the hosts and services used for Arisia events and other TF related stuff.
  • TechTest - Valuable test of technical knowledge.

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