The toxic side of BiL


For a time I believed that the "Barefoot is Legal" group had some good potential.  I even had a positive phone conversation with Nick Deutschmann at one point, discussing possibilities for doing supportive work with them.  But that never got any followthrough, and further contact simply failed.  In the meantime, the group's visible outlets on Facebook, Twitter, a website that seldom gets meaningful updates and an online "radio station" that nobody listens to, have become less and less useful -- and at times, harmfully misinformative.

Sure, BiL gets the basic facts right about barefooting and the law and basic human rights, and they frequently post meme-ized pictures about that.  Here's a rework of one of their more relevant pictorial statements.  But when they start with the woo-woo nonsense about "earthing" and "chemtrails", that's just a pseudoscience distraction.  They seem to wholly buy into that crap as well, along with popular conspiracy-theories about government-tainted drugs and "prepping" for whatever zombie apocalypse is supposedly coming at us this week.  More recently, their core members have been exhibiting hate toward other groups and interests such as LGBTQ, which despite the inherent irony is the point where it's time to call it all out and sever any further links.  It does pain me to have to discredit another group that is basically in favor of barefooting, but its recent methodologies are unacceptable.

BiL also has the temerity to ask for donations and "membership" fees amidst all that.  They frequently post made-up lies about their inflated membership numbers, or make off-the-cuff exaggerations like they are reaching "millions" of followers.  We all could only *wish* that there really were "millions" of confident and well-intentioned barefooters out there!  Sadly, even with a scattering of sites and interest forums either good or bad around the internet, our real-life numbers across all of those resources are still a tiny minority.

Due in part to these philosophical and behavioral differences, there has been some serious historical bad blood between the BiL founders and some of the core barefooting advocates in the original Society for Barefoot Living.  [Not the FB group of the same misappropriated name, but rather the folks behind].  BiL's frequent wingnut armwaving from Dave and Nick isn't actually doing the *real* barefooter community any good -- rather, it makes us all come off as flaming radicals who only want to disrupt society.  Quite the contrary, true barefooters simply want to live peaceably within it, in a way that harms no one and is provably healthy. 


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