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Stories of cold-weather barefoot hiking in nearby parks ... because it's a lot of fun, great conditioning, and a nice challenge to really push one's limits!  When the air is warm, the ground and the snow aren't really so cold.

Foot tracks through snow
On the ice: a slick little loop around Prospect Hill   (Feb 2018)
Casual participation in a group hike in the Fells   (Feb 2018, and includes some discussion on winter barefooting in general)
An afternoon in Breakheart Reservation: soft-snow sensations, along with a little storm cleanup   (Mar 2018)
Deep snowfootin' in Ward Reservation, a Trustees property   (late Mar 2018)
Walking on water in the Fells: a three-reservoir ice traverse and fun mixed-terrain midwinter loop   (Feb 2019)

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