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Stories of cold-weather barefoot hiking in nearby parks ... because it's a lot of fun, great conditioning, and a nice challenge to really push one's limits!  When the air is warm, the ground and the snow aren't really so cold and there's little or no risk of frostbite.

Foot tracks through snow
On the ice: a slick little loop around Prospect Hill   (Feb 2018)
Casual participation in a group hike in the Fells   (Feb 2018, and includes some discussion on winter barefooting in general)
An afternoon in Breakheart Reservation: soft-snow sensations, along with a little storm cleanup   (Mar 2018)
Deep snowfootin' in Ward Reservation, a Trustees property   (late Mar 2018)
Walking on water in the Fells: a three-reservoir ice traverse and fun mixed-terrain midwinter loop   (Feb 2019)

Massachusetts DCR parks list
Massachusetts Trustees of Reservations list

Here are another couple of (offsite) articles on cold/snowfooting:
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    Barefoot Justine, from when she was living up north

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