Freedom Trail 2018

  The yearly barefoot Freedom Trail jaunt, per our posted Meetup event, and a perfect day for it!

Images are linked to larger detailed copies.  Captions for each row are are interspersed, and contain random links to useful external content.

Starting off from the State House Elephant shoe-prints Playing in the Greenway fountains
1.  Starting out from the State House.  Our GPS tracks won't be nearly this accurate
2.  Brass shoe-prints at the Boston Latin jackass
3.  Playing in the fountains on the Greenway   (near the Freedom Trail Foundation, which also has a nice online trail map)

Whoops, FT vanishes into a construction site Boston by Foot? Indeed The vise outside Ducali
4.  Oops, Paul Revere mall turned into a hole in the ground, and all those lovely damp bricks are gone
5.  Boston By Foot?  Indeed, here we are!
6.  Mysterious Vise, and pointers to Mysterious Vise, outside Ducali Pizza
(The really disturbing thing here is that I'm holding a smartphone.)

A brief rest after climbing the Bunker Hill monument Dust prints on fresh, warm asphalt Attack squirrel
7.  A bit of a rest after climbing the 290-some steps of the Monument : gravity sucks!
8.  Fresh asphalt, still warm and slightly sticky, a blank canvas for dusty feet
9.  A bold squirrel's dilemma:   Are you food??     (Frog Pond apparently closed for the season by now)

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