Inverter partz

The package arrives

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A doorstop on my doorstep!  I heard a knock on the door, and hauled
this box o' loot inside as the UPS guy took off.

Box open and one extra top piece of cardboard removed.  There are
hints of some disarray visible already...

Additional parts unearthed from around the inverter.  Either they went
in the box that way, or a lot of twisting and breakage happened in the
tender hands of UPS.  Some small parts have been completely knocked off
the circuit boards, despite the plastic bags and stacked-corrugated
blocks that were supposed to keep things separated.

There is white heat-sink goop and pink antifreeze everywhere, of course,
because one can never get one of these things totally empty.  Blech.  The
package of "do not eat" appears to have soaked up a lot of the leakage.
The presence of various bits of shredded plastic are more hints of some
maltreatment in transit.

UPS must have *hated* this box.  Over 70 pounds, and damp on the bottom
with some nameless spoo that feels funny on your hands.

So the first thing to do, of course, is *wash* everything and wipe the
heatsink goop off it, and try to hose all the remaining antifreeze out of
the coolant passages.  Hey, there's an inverter in my sink!  Is this high-tech
redneck, or what?  But heck, this modern day equivalent is way better than the
ol' transmission in the bathtub, especially since most people would not yet
even begin to recognize this as being car parts.

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