Finally, after a two-year hiatus ...

New England Prius Gathering

July 15, 2007


Pix from our Prius gathering! Look at the enthusiasm!

... whoops, wrong car show.
   Let's try that again..

New England Prius Gathering

Part 1 (of, we hope, several more)
(All pix on this page are links to larger versions.)

On this breezy and warm morning, I arrived way too early at Charles River Park, figuring to try and get a good spot and set up the canopy as a sort of central hangout spot with shade. There aren't any regular parking spots anywhere near the trees, so we would need *something*.

But I stopped my setup at this point, not wanting to actually deploy the canopy in the strong and gusty wind without several more hands holding it down.

So there I was, all alone in a surprisingly empty lot with only a couple of pigeons as company...

and half an hour later, surrounded by Priii! And a Nissan Altima Hybrid. No Insights this time around. We got the canopy up and battened down to my car, but it was clearly still trying to fly away every so often. The wind picked up even more over the course of the afternoon, as did occupancy of the parking lot around our little clump.

The Nissan. All of two weeks young. We gave this a pretty good look-over, and conjectured at length about how to interpret its slightly odd gauges to achieve best fuel economy. It's a bit of a power-wagon but we're confident that Grendel will be pushing the limits by summer's end!

Ichabod attacks his dashboard to insert an EV-wire kit into the magic H14-27 ECU connector hole. It was functional within ten minutes, and all he has to do now is add an actual button and clean up the installation. Grounding the bare wire end to the shell of the power-outlet isn't exactly convenient while driving.

The assembled folks, sort of. We didn't really do a lot of pictures or get a good group shot, and the meetup only lasted about 3 hours. Perhaps later in the summer, with more of us in a more scenic location, we can go artistically nuts and maybe even cook up a nice route to go drive.

Other discoveries from today:

  • The wheels on the Touring Edition look pretty sharp with their plastic covers pulled off, as Neicy discovered. Sort of a nice "magnetic gray" color, with gracefully curved spokes.
  • Yes, the side mirrors fold in.
  • The Nissan doesn't go through a warmup engine-run after every power-up.
  • The crowds really start hitting this park around 2 pm, especially on a hot day when everyone wants to go play in the water.

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