Recent hypermiling press, August 2007

For better or worse, since they still largely don't get it
Some items related to Hybridfest 2007, some not

[Snarfed in part from Bob Wilson's post in the Greenhybrid "hypermiling flamewar"]

Environmental Concerns Grow Hybrid Car Sector - VIDEO FEATURE
Autochannel (press release) - Aug 2, 2007
As concerns over the environment continue to grow, so does the hybrid vehicle sector -- as seen at this year's Hybridfest in Madison, WI. ...

Hypermiling: When maximizing miles per gallon becomes an extreme sport
(Here's an alternate source)
(,1,4805141.story) -- DEAD LINK
Chicago Tribune, United States - Aug 1, 2007
He so dominates his sport -- achieving 59 miles per gallon in an ordinary Honda Accord and 127 miles per gallon in a Prius hybrid -- that at Hybridfest Inc. ...

Mileage mania: Saving fuel is goal of 'hypermilers'
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - Jul 22, 2007
On Friday, he placed second in his division in Hybridfest's MPG Challenge in Madison, Wis. Contestants drove a 26-mile course through the city in regular ...

Hybrid owners know how to stretch a gallon of gas
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI - Jul 20, 2007
Heath Fusco, 7, from Nixon, Miss., catches some sun Friday while Wayne Mitchell of Chicago works on a 2007 Toyota Prius at the 2007 Hybridfest in Madison. ...

Hypermilers vie -- slowly -- for victory
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - Jul 20, 2007
The nation's best hypermilers -- people who try to maximize their gas mileage -- will meet today in Madison to compete in Hybridfest's second annual MPG ...

Hypermilers To Compete In Madison For Most Miles Per Gallon
Milwaukee, WI - Jul 19, 2007
The nation's best hypermilers will meet Friday in Madison to compete in Hybridfest's second annual MPG Challenge. They will drive about 30 miles, ...

Some take mileage game to extreme
Chippewa Herald, WI - Jul 19, 2007
The best hypermilers in the country -- including Parish and Gerdes -- will converge in Madison Friday for Hybridfest's second annual MPG Challenge, ...

Hypermiling: How To Maximize Your Gas Mileage
CBS / WBZ-TV, Boston - Aug 1, 2007                 [Hobbit's 15 seconds of local fame!]
You don't have to drive a hybrid to use hypermiling techniques to save on gas mileage, but it does take some practice and some patience. ...
(And be sure to read the back story from when we shot this segment!)

ABC News: Hypermilers Go to Extremes for Savings
ABC News / Good Morning America - Jul 23, 2007                 [Hobbit's 5 seconds of national fame!]
... some drivers said they are looking to save money not by changing to hybrids, but by changing themselves. ...
(Find the video and watch how she tries to squeeze off some irrelevant and wholly incorrect personal gripe at the very end!)

Saving Gas with Extreme Driving
Local News - - The News On 6 - May 10, 2007
Oklahoma anchor Scott Thompson reports on the driving techniques of hypermilers. - Roll On: Saving Gasoline The 'Hypermiler' Way
WCCO-TV - Jun 14, 2007
A growing number of people are saving money on gasoline by changing the way they drive. ... Laurie With is one of those drivers ...

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