A rework of Toyota's emergency response and training materials page, giving direct links to the documents, which otherwise sit obfuscated behind a bunch of useless javascript. If you want to try going to their original TIS page, it is here.

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Emergency Response Guides

Not only useful safety information, but also a nice technical overview of each vehicle and highly recommended reading.



Hybrid Emergency Responder Training

This hybrid safety training presentation was developed as a resource to train emergency responders on the safe operation of hybrid vehicles. The first link provides the ability to view the presentation, while the second link is a zip file that contains the presentation that can be played from a local system, along with Instructor Notes and a Student Handout.

Toyota/Lexus Hybrid Dismantling Manual

This guide was developed to educate and assist dismantlers in the safe handling of Toyota/Lexus Hybrid vehicles. Dismantling procedures are similar to other Toyota/Lexus vehicles with the exception of the high voltage electrical system. It is important to recognize and understand the high voltage electrical system features and specifications of Toyota Lexus hybrid vehicles.

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