House deep-energy-retrofit gateway

This starts your path to Hobbit's extensive house-renovation writeup. To protect the content against indexing spiders and robots, a little manual labor from human-readable instruction is needed on your part to uncover the goodies. Think of it as a simple password.

Note the base directory for where you are now, without the .html file:
Use your location bar to remove the "file.html" and instead add this to the end of the hse/ path:
except that you must also replace the   XXXXX   part with   119396 .

Hopefully the rewards are worth that small amount of typing! If things aren't working right try copying/pasting the parts together to make sure all the characters are correct. Once you reach the starting page you can bookmark it, but the link may change over time and become invalid. No worries -- you should be able to just come back to this page to get the updated one.

Feedback on the story is encouraged, and while there's no comment area available here I can be easily reached via email -- put the name "hobbit" together with "" as an email address, and fire away! I'd love to hear what you think about all this.

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