4Wall Entertainment Open House

13 Sep 2023, at their new location in West Bridgewater MA

One of our techno-fandom colleagues posted that the company that absorbed our old go-go, ALPS, was throwing a big vendor-fest and open house at their new warehouse.

Warehouse transformed into a funhouse!
Warehouse space transformed

They basically turned the front area of the space into a fun-house, with lots of demos and different vendor representatives and products to poke at.  And plenty of haze, so clearly they had arranged to disable all the smoke detectors in there...

Rest of warehouse stretching off to ... infinity?
Warehouse stretching off in the distance

This is what the *rest* of 90,000 square feet looks like.  There are plenty of loading doors and a cavernous space way off in that distance to check gear back in and do testing/repairs.  I found out that if *all* of their inventory came back off rental at once, the first couple of shelves might be fairly full in some areas but there are two or three more entire shelves above that available, so plenty of room for expansion.

Avolites arbitrary motion effect curves
Arbitrary motion/focus effects curves, running in a fan

I had a long chat with one of the long-time mainstay guys from Avolites, whose boards I never actually got into learning about too much.  But they were the original rock-n-roll go-to, with their signature "roller" for instant playback page changes and crazy-versatile busking ability.

Another demo area way down one of the bays
Another demo way down at the end of a bay

Besides demos, there was a lot of good food and an open bar.  These folks know how to throw a party!

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