Spring Thunder Festival 2011

Concord-Carlisle High School

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[The lighting, as usual, was straight-on from the front and basically awful. I did what I could to recover levels, lessen harsh contrast, and rescue several players from inky pits of darkness upstage, but there's only so much that can be done under the circumstances...]

Juni introduces the show

Odaiko New England's newest big drum is presented, and everyone gives it a hit!


Norito reading

Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi   (version 1)

Yatai Bayashi
Juni explains the Yatai style, and the first set begins...
Frequent player swaps are needed because everyone's got only just so much long-term ab strength for this. Here's changing to the last of four sections

Ganesha Awakens
An experimental work-in-progress by Juni
A solo piece so far, but involving a large rack of drums

Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi   (version 2)
... with a few more players. Maybe the dragon will listen now...

Who's been playing taiko for ... one year? Two? Many?

What do you like best about taiko?

Audience participation
Come on up and try taiko!
Don! Kon! Don! Kon! Rrrroooollllllll!



Noting Cat's dedication and hard work helping put the show together

Reception in the band room

Someone's daughter helped on loadout by pulling up all the spike tape

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