WSP: Allergist's Wife

Shots from 7-Nov-2007 rehearsal.

Taken on a Sony DSC-V1 (5Mp), full manual mode, between 1/4 and 1/10 second
vaguely dependent on light level and postprocessed through the GIMP to
resize and tweak brightness a bit. I tried to pin down times of minimal
actor movement, but that's really hard to do reliably! It's a tradeoff
between iris, exposure time, and not letting the wildly different light
levels reach washed-out white so there's still good color information.

[Each still image links to a larger version.]

Marjorie's world has shrunk to the couch, where she stays while her husband
Ira whirlwinds around the apartment getting ready for his day.

Even her own mother can't break through this epic black depression, in
which Marjorie spends most of the time sleeping ...

... or crying over late-nite TV.

Look! It's Mohammed, the lightning-fastest chandelier installer in the
Big Apple!

You had quite a day mapped out for yourself.

Again with the computer. You got one in your den. Why do you have
to mess up my living room?

What about my needs, Mother? Who's gonna volunteer to save ME?!

Lee appears at the door, from a coincidental past...

Lillian Greenblatt? I can't believe this.

Joan is a successful real estate lawyer. Rochelle is ... a lot
slimmer now.

Lee and Marjorie continue catching up on their life stories, with Lee
dropping dozens of improbably prominent names in the process.

I guess you could say ... I planted a little seed.

I have a half dozen medical degrees. You'd think I would know how to
open one of these.

Marjorie, a changed woman, returns from her busy day of shopping and seminars.

The man is amazing -- ninety years old, but with one gesture, he can
express a world of sorrow and complexity.

Frieda is concerned about her daughter, but that doesn't prevent her from
bringing her biting sarcasm to bear...

You go to Germany. And I hope you have pleasant dreams while sleeping
on mattresses filled with Jewish hair!

I will personally come down there with my biggest pepper mill, and Buster,
you won't be sittin' down for a week!

... she never buzzes up. She just appears at the door. Like ...
a ghost. Oh my GOD...

(Somehow, Ira has managed to look *incredibly* smug in this shot.)

I've lost my mind!

The ghost suddenly appears not only very real, but about to move in.

I love having you as my sous-chef.

Here's the murder scene!

(Just kidding...)

Everbody loves dumplings! Look at them dive in..

The rest look on with an embarrassed mix of amusement and horror while
Marjorie tries to Google up a hit-man for her mom.

Lee intervenes with some amusing therapy.

Ira delves into his motivations for early retirement, fascinated that the
world-traveled Lee seems genuinely interested in why...

When it comes to true love, I'm quite the virgin.

I love seeing the two of you squirm like horny teenagers.

Getting comfortable.

That's not tobacco.

The nocturnal revels begin...

I feel like I'm in the middle of a Playboy spread!

Marjorie's having such a difficult time of it, huh...

Lee performs, uh, a function for Frieda. No, not like that.

Say no more. Your husband's been dropping hints like grenades.

... open a bottle of wine and just, you know, party.

Uh ... I really had my heart set on that Oresteia. I'm a major Greek
theatre buff from way back.

Mohammed, you have the floor.

Lee returns home with the groceries to face the accusations. You killed my cousin Achmed!

These two pix were so close to each other that they can actually form an amusing animation:
Believe me, I don't have a clue.

Marjorie rallies the troops and makes her decision:

Now get your manipulative, controlling, self-hating ass OUT of here!

You'll be my sous-chef. Come into the kitchen.

( Cue 38, Go )

An absolute-path list of the big pictures is available here, if that
helps make bulk-downloads easier via "wget" or some other scripting means.

The light plot, for the curious, is here. It mostly
conforms to as-built reality...

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