Relaxacon in winter?

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Lobby door: closed for season On a lark I decided to go see what the Relaxacon hotel looks like in the frozen grip of winter, since I was on the Cape for the weekend anyway.  It's closed for the season as are many other things in the area, but we could certainly walk around the campus for a bit of photographic study.

Main lot of Corsair side Some room remodeling had clearly been going on, and the parking lot must have gotten plowed at some point but the more recent snows and drifting had mostly covered it again.

Commodore House driveway Driveway up to the Commodore House, where we usually back up the cars carrying food and supplies for our "con suite" therein.  Not this week...

Across the other parking lot The other parking lot in front of the Cross Rip.  Someone had snowblowered a thin track in and then a little in front of the building, but not much else.

Commodore deck and hot tub, nothing hot here Dunes area Out to the water, which is mostly *frozen*
A three-shot sweep that wasn't worth trying to stitch together as a panorama -- from the back of the Commodore House out to the ocean.  Which was packed up with a lot of mushy ice near the shore, as it's been wikkid cold this winter.

Deck from the other side The Commodore back deck from the other side; probably not quite so nice to hang out on for grilling and smoffing right now...

Headed toward jetty The jetty didn't look too covered, so I figured getting out there for a shot back on shore couldn't hurt.

View from the jetty The rocks were a little slippery but I found good footing.

Above the upper wall is the grassy terrace where they often have weddings.

Ice hats on the rocks Ice formation on jetty
Some of the ice formations on the rocks from tidal variations were rather intricate.  The ice pack wasn't letting any waves form, but the whole mess was very gently heaving up and down just a little and it still had to follow all the tide level changes.

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