FTP Reunion 2008

23-Aug-2008, Kinney Hill, South Hampton

Each picture is linked to its larger version. Here is a flat list
of all the big pix for easier bulk downloads.

Shot on a Canon G9 and postprocessed in GIMP

The setting

View to the east
The flat blue area is the ocean.
Nice to see some windmills spinning, too
View to the south
Back toward Amesbury

The people

Group shot 1
and the really huge version (2.7 Mb)
Group shot 2
and the really huge version (3.6 Mb)

More arrivals
just after the group shots
And a hack-job attempt at 'shopping
them in after the fact...

Other scenes around the gathering

The food prep folks did an absolutely stunning job

Frolicing on the lawn

At some point, the single-malt appeared
[brought in by bicycle, yet!]

Music was made, both outside [braving the mosquitoes!] and inside [which soon devolved into old standbys such as "Drunken Sailor" and "Tie Me Kangaroo Down"...]

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