Two-Peak Hike 2018

Hale Reservation and Noanet Woods

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38nimrod-grp.jpg Group on Nimrod's Rock
39nimrod-silly.jpg Group being silly on Nimrod's rock
41pow-grp.jpg On Powissett Peak
42pow-jump.jpg Jumpin' up and down on Powissett Peak
45goldtunnel.jpg A golden tunnel of beech, heading up through Noanet
47ld-explain.jpg Hike leader Richard pointing out various things to see
48npeak-grp.jpg Group on Noanet Peak
51npeak-bos.jpg On Noanet Peak, better view of Boston
55lilbuck.jpg Young buck ahead on the longer-loop trail
59goldgully.jpg Golden carpet of leaves collected in a chute

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