Macbook ergonomics fix

This has to be some of the most idiotic ergonomics ever. After putting up with this for a year or so and wondering why anyone would have thought this could lead to long-term user comfort, and developing *calluses* where my own wrists were always landing against this edge, I decided to do something about it: round the stupid edge off.

[Small images are linked to larger ones]

Since this will generate lots of very fine little bits of metal, not exactly what we want floating around inside a computer, it's prudent to protect the whole thing except for the edge in question. First, the battery and disk drive are removed; the disk mounting retainer is held in with one small screw. Lookie, there's all my pr0n! The little framework in the middle is the back of the glass trackpad, which actually tilts down from the inward edge when it clicks.

This is the original edge. It's *sharp*! It may be a 90 degree turn but an edge like that can still cut; think how a pair of scissors works. And this is after more than a year of wear on mine; newer unibody MBPs are even sharper than this.

With the machine taped up and wrapped in paper, we get to work. Brings new meaning to the phrase "working with files".

Comparing old edge vs. new edge: a gentle rounding motion with the file all the way along followed by a little final smoothing with emery paper, and it's *much* nicer under the hands. Doesn't take that much metal removal -- just enough to dull it down.

The equivalent could probably done on the plastic cases too.

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