Antique fine china from Limoges

  I am looking to sell a set of antique bone china, made by Wm. Guerin from the Limoges region of France, most likely sometime around 1890.  It's a family heirloom; I don't know much more about its history other than it's been in storage split between my home and my parents' home for a decade-plus.  I can't really use it, and would prefer that it goes to a new owner who appreciates the quality and workmanship of articles from that era.

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Guerin china, service for six This is an earlier picture, of *half* of the set -- it was originally a service for twelve if I remembered right.  The other half was eventually excavated from deep in a closet, and it seems that a bit of attrition had occurred over the years.  [See below ...]   The set is in good overall condition, with a little bit of expected fading in the gold edging.  It is also fairly tough stuff -- the most vulnerable part seems to be that the teacup handles can break off.

Edge detail Rim detail -- sometimes referred to as the "rose band" style.  The gold edging is *not* dishwasher safe, and you probably don't want to use these in a microwave.

Guerin / Limoges mark on bottom The manufacturer's markings on the bottom.

Entire set finally together

    A while later ...

After the necessary archaeological dig was performed to unearth the rest of the set, I could get everything together.  Evidently more of the teacups are missing than I remembered, but some nice serving plates came to light.  Think of it as a full service for six, with a few serving trays and a lot of spare parts!


  • 11   dinner plates
  • 12   mid-size plates
  • 12   small [bread?] plates
  • 10   small bowls
  • 10   tea saucers
  •   6   teacups
  •   3   serving dishes of various sizes

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