A very few pictures from around the New England Folk Festival
April 2009, Mansfield MA

[Pictures are linked to larger copies]

The "clouds" in the auditorium, with a few lighting fixtures peeking out through the odd triangular pockets -- the only real front-light option.

The way to get up to the ceiling: the ladder is in a closet off the band room. Catwalks go forward from there to where the lights are hung.

View down to the stage past said lights, where Clyde is explaining something or other Genie-related to the crew that's about to go up in it to focus over the stage.

The backstage lights aren't shielded, and shine through the mid-hung cyc and through the big pile of setpieces that the high school temporarily stashed back there so NEFFA could have most of the stage. We still lost about a third of it, which made light-hang that much shorter.

The glaring bulb and platform with railings gave an opportunity for a little shadow-play.

A small rip was discovered in the cyc during this; I followed the wiggling finger and we slapped a quick tape patch over the hole.

Out front at the high school, from across the street. Later in the day, with the Morris dancers more or less finishing up.

There were more food vendors outside this year; not surprising given the totally gorgeous weather prediction.

The usual traffic cluster, adroitly managed by the Mansfield PD during the heaviest times.

The lots aren't full until everyone's self-righteous ingenuity is exhausted, and they still manage to pack a few more in after that.

Some of the nicest folky-folks can turn into complete animals as soon as they get in their cars. Weird.

An attempt [the next day] at capturing a couple of close character-studies of performers, out in the bright light where they wouldn't blur. That didn't work too well, but I did get a couple of not-so-bad pix of this team.

Did you know that Morris dancers can levitate?

Bad shot of band and caller setting up for a long run in the middle school, which would segue into the Contra Medley. Taken from all the way across the gym, and somewhat improved over the optically-challenged original with aggressive smart-sharpening games.

[Eden is very energetic on her fiddle, and wicked cute...]

George from the MIT Israeli dance group, festooned with drums.

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