MIT SAAS Culture Show 2008

11 April 2008

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People gathering in the lobby, and brisk ticket sales

House open

The show chairs kicked it off with a brief intro


Mallari and Thillana

When you see that show up on the screen, you know it could be only one thing...

MIT Chamak

Possibly the group most often parodied by Men In Heat

No C-Show is complete without at least one highly visible hardware hiccup...

Freshman dance

Sophomore dance

Pattu Pattu

Stand-up comedy


Raag Bhatiyar

Chota Khayal

The two pictures were similar enough to inspire the making of an amusing animation

A brief interlude with a strange video about turbans


a Bollywood medley

The chairs introducing all the other contributors and the board, which brought quite a few people out on stage

Senior dance

Some tech and photographic notes from the show

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