Arisians Walk (and roll) for Change

Arisia formed a team for the BARCC Walk for Change, one of its larger events, now in its 13th year.  Here are some briefly annotated pictures from the day.

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    CBS report on the 2019 event ]

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An accretion of Arisians We located each other through an assortment of communication methods, and an accretion began to form along the beach walkway.  Things were still fairly quiet over at Logan; given its proximity, I almost expected to be under loud jets all day but that turned out to not be a problem.

Folks gathered for Ayanna speech Things kicked off with a speech from Ayanna Presley, and a big crowd pressed up toward the stage.  Standing on a table with the camera up in the air wasn't quite enough height to really show the extent of it!

Ayanna is up there somewhere ... let's look at the 1:1 zoom ...

There she is! Oh, there she is!  (click for more context)

Big lineup at start Everyone then moved over behind the balloon arch, and the start lineup stretched way back to the north end of the park.  I decided to dive ahead and try to document things.

DCR must groom the beach fairly often; it was mostly undisturbed that morning.

Off we go! And they're off!

Trying to spot Team Arisia in the line Finding a high vantage point with a clear view was a challenge, and then it turned out that where Arisia had gathered wound up near the back of the pack.  The group finally started to come by ...

Team Arisia from a higher vantage point More Team Arisia passing
I ran ahead again and while standing on top of some playground gear, had a slightly better spot.  People going by were evidently amused by the scruffy nut straddling the railings on top of the kiddie slide ...

The group didn't rigorously stick together, we were all kind of mixed in with the crowd here and there, but in general not too far apart.

Poop for Change There was some other business to attend to.  People were really good about cleanup, of course.  There were a lot of dogs along for the fun!

Under the 1A bridge Passing under the 1A bridge.

BARCCwalk route map After squeezing past the back-end of Logan and crossing under 1A, we were in the Greenway space.  Everyone rounded the thin rectangle of that part of the park and started heading back up.

[Slight rework of the custom Google-map that BARCC provided]

Found our sponsorship sign! We found our sponsorship/participation thank-you sign!

Team Arisia regroup, under the WfC billboard Here's the real "money shot" from the day.  A pause allowed us to fully regroup, I think, and I managed to get everyone *and* the big billboard for the event looming over the park and highway.

I had glimpsed the same billboard image on one of the blinky-LED signs along I-93 on the way in, but not since, and I did want a picture of that.  This one was a fixed single-image graphic, but perfectly suitable as a nice bonus for the group shot.

Finish line Special reception for the canine companions
Finishing, ducking past all the people with cowbells and bubbles...  They even had a special welcome-back set up for the pooches.

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