Ancillary AMC activity log

January 2023:   failed intercept in Boxford, but passively made the point via visible tracks in the snow   (Richard Lombard)
    (This kickstarted the whole "hunting AMC hikes" thing, a harmless game to test one's skills in park knowledge and predictive trail routing)

February 2023:   Quick fly-by in Harold Parker, near Brackett Pond, nice cold day   (Amy Kelliher)

April 2023:   successful fly-by in Wildcat, not written up.  The group barely even noticed me, the passing was so fast   (Robin Doyle)

May 2023:   successful intercept(s) in Harold Parker, well worth a writeup, with some early strategy discussion.
This, however, was the one that got so badly interpreted and really set them off   (Mag)

May 2023:   Quick stop by a conveniently timed group-up in Harold Parker, just to drop a plug for our Friends' weekly Wednesday outings before proceeding on to same myself.
  Finally met that leader and her massively friendly Golden   (Amy Kelliher)

July 2023:   Another double-meeting, in Lynn Woods.  There were two AMC groups in the park that day; I crossed paths with one group twice but never found the other.  [Apparently he'd canceled, I found out later.]  On the first encounter, the one group was actually on the wrong "Fuller Hill" -- I visited the real one right after that.  On the second meeting they labored their way up to the stone tower and found me sitting at its base taking a quick break; that timing and placement was 100% coincidental but happened to be perfect.  And then I could tell them "Dungeon Rock is open!" before they headed for it   (Mag, Nelson Carabello)

  [This is about when things started to really degenerate, see main text]
Aug 2023:   The games continued with a YELLOW ALERT! in the Blue hills, another detailed strategy challenge with
multiple possible scenarios   (Ken Cohen, Lisa Fleischman)

[ Aug 2023, same day:   I almost expected some backlash from YELLOW ALERT, so that evening I had already prepared this reply
  to a complaint that never arrived.  Not actually lying; the Fells bit was true ]   (amcboston)

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